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    Blending, Filters and Show fewer values

    Michael Strobl



      when I use a quick filter on blended data, I can't use the "Show Fewer/More Values" option at the filter box. Is there a solution for that?


      For example, in the primary data source are sales, countries and product IDs. In a second data source I have the product ID and full product name. I use and extract of the primary data source and a live connection für the second. When I now use a quick filter on the product ID, I can select the few/more values in the filter, because some products are not available in some countries. But when I use the "Full product name" of the blended data source, I cant choose the fewer/more values option.


      I have only two solutions in mind:

      1. Use a join on the product table and load alle the full product names into the extract. Disadvantage will be, if the name of a product changes, I have to rebuild the extract.

      2. Use the Aliases Option to rename alle product IDs with the full name.


      This couldn't be the only two solutions. Can anybody help, please?


      Thanks, Mike

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          John Munoz

          Hi Mike,


          I ran into this same problem today. I tried joining both data sources on the fields I thought necessary for Tableau to figure out that it should give back the 'show fewer values' quick filter option, but it didn't work. I renamed the variables so that they were identical and I even let Tableau do the join automatically, that too didn't work.


          When I think about what Tableau has to do to figure out to show fewer values in a filter, it would seem possible given a data blend.


          Could this be a bug?