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    How to filter by different age groups (explained inside)?

    M Panda



      I am brand new to Tableau and to this forum.  Hopefully this is the right topic to post under.  Basically what I am trying to do is take the data from a survey my company regularly sources and import into Tableau.  Typically we would just search for what we need via pivot table, not the best way I know.


      As a test I took the basic demographic data and imported it.  I ran into some issues that I am confounded by.  For example, let's say I want to know how many Asians took the survey, I was able to do that pretty easily.  What I cannot figure out is how to filter by age. 


      Let's say I want to look at how many Asians 18-34 took the survey against the total amount of people that took the survey.  When I try to do this with a filter, it will instead show me % Asians 18-34 of overall 18-34 instead of just total respondents.  Does that make sense?  Furthermore, say I wanted to know % of Asians 18-34 out of all Asians that took the survey, doesn't seem like I can do that either from the way things are set up right now. 


      Can someone help point this rookie in the right direction?  Your help is very much appreciated, thank you!


      Let me know if there is anything I should attach that would help illustrate my point.