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    Essbase Connection Errors

    William Kolesar

      A colleague has published a dashboard that connects directly to Essbase.  He published to our Tableau Server for others to view, however after some time we continue to get an error that says: “Essbase database error 1051021: You have been logged out due to inactivity or explicitly by the administrator.  Would you like to reset the view?”


      If we click yes a bunch of times, it seems to fix the issue but need to determine root cause.  If I download the dashboard from Tableau Server and open in Tableau Desktop, it prompts me to enter in my colleague’s password (pre-populates his ID).  Could this be causing an issue, since he is not an Essbase admin?


      Also, in the process of testing Tableau version 8.0 with my dashboards.  This same dashboard causing an issue above, except I am getting a different error in Tableau 8.0.  This error says: "Essbase database error 1013080: Already Connected to Server -- The previous connected request still running, try again.  Would you like to reset the view?"  I haven't been able to fix this yet.