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    Cannot See Dimensions in Calculated Field Screen

    Elaine Kirwan

      Hi guys,


      I hope you can help me out please...Im trialling Tableau 8 and have created a data connection to a large MS analysis services tabular model. All is working ok until I try to create a calculated field and then no dimension values are visible for selection in the screen. Only measures are visible even though "All" has been selected for fields. Even simply typing the dimension name doesnt work as I get a "Reference to undefined field error". In the dimensions screen of Tableau Public, Ive previously highlighted one of the dimension fields and right clicking to select "Create Calculated Field" but this option is not available to me - Has anyone encountered this before? Even certain functions are not available to me - Is this a limitation of use MS AS cubes with Tableau?


      Also I dont have the option to convert to continuous or to covert a dimension to a measure - I know Im probably missing something really obvious but I cant work this out, and my trial is about to expire - anyone out there have any suggestions?


      Plus Ive found that the canary islands aren't available for geographical visualisation and that is a problem for this particular data set but I guess not something that can be fixed on this forum