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    Update on Mapping in Tableau for April 25th: Jake Baillie of Urban Mapping (Registration now closed)

    Laurie Jones

      Skiers aren’t the only ones who care about base  layers. If you have just begun to traverse the surface of mapping in  Tableau, keep going — there is considerable depth ahead. Maps, as every  student of visualization knows, display information in ways that people  can readily understand and use.

      Tableau integrates base layer maps that allow you to add layers of data  using a wide variety of styles and fonts. Detailed boundaries, intelligent label  placement, international coverage and up to sixteen zoom levels make  Tableau maps an easy and effective way to represent data.

      On April 25th, Jake Baillie, Director of Business Development for Urban  Mapping based in San Francisco, will discuss Mapfluence, the embedded  geographic technology in Tableau. The meeting will take place at the HUB  Seattle, an incubation and co-work facility In Pioneer Square. You must  reserve a place to participate in this workshop.

      Update: Registration is now closed. If you are interested in mapping and  would like to be included in another study group session, please let us  know.