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    Endeca vs Tableau

    Subrahamayam Kasi

      HI I am new to both the Tableau and Oracle Endeca.


      I am trying to find which is much better to use .

      So the below are my questions.


      1.Can tableau act as a cluster ? Hadoop or hive have a cluster to manage big data ,So can tableau handle big data , if it can where does it store such data, as far i an see it is like a software running on a single system or a server. We cant have this single system to be of the same size as the actual cluster.So i assuming that there is a limit to how much data the tableau can handle.


      2.So from my first question i am thinking that endeca of oracle is better as it has both data integration and also visualization(i am thinking that tableau can do only visualization)as it has a concept of cluster like HDFS.


      3.does the tableau has in memory calcualtions ,if so should'nt be there a limit to much data it can handle at a time


      4.Also please tell the pro and cons of using tableau over endeca or the other way.


      Please help me in this issue at the earliest





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          Peter Gilks

          Hi Subbu,


          we use both these tools in my organisation, and my advice is that they are not really comparable. Endeca is designed for  exploring unstructured data such as strings of text, and its very good at that. Tableau however is perfect for visualising structured data, but doesn't really deal with text well. Each is good for its own purpose, so it really depends on what you want to achieve analytically.