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    Open LDAP integration with Tableau Server

    Ben Sullins

      Thought I would share this with the community in case you were like me and use LDAP but not of the Microsoft flavor. The code is totally open so feel free to use how you wish.






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          Judith Lanzo

          Hi Ben,


          I know it's been some time since you created this post.  I was wondering how your solution handles authorization?  Am I correct that this is only authenticating the user and creating them in Tableau?  How is the user assigned to groups within Tableau and given permissions to the appropriate content (sites/projects/etc).  Are you importing LDAP groups and memberships somehow into tableau the process you developed handle that integration?


          Do you have your configuration set to use Local or AD Authentication?


          We currently are using AD Authentication and are able to easily sync users and groups.  However we have the need for having users from multiple domains, however one is ldap and the other is AD.  We are looking to create an Virtual LDAP that is combining them, however our understanding is that we need to do a new install modifying our authentication from AD to Local, then we need to create scripts to import the users and groups.   Looking to see if there are other alternatives.

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            Tamas Foldi

            We are using our own tool : GitHub - starschema/tabsync: Tableau - LDAP Group Synchronization


            It maps the LDAP groups with Tableau Groups. It not just adds the users to the server but also manage their group memberships for authorization purposes.


            tabsync/groups.yml at master · starschema/tabsync · GitHub