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    problem of ranking datas



      I am doing a viz for datas of medal table and placing table on European Athletics Championship.

      For the medal table I rank countries with priority for number of gold medal than silver medal than bronze. That's why a country with 2 gold medals can be ranked before any country with only one even if he has less total medal.

      I have 2 problems:

      First problem:

      I can't show the rank in my medal table graph, I have only one on the first line and no rank number on the following line


      Second problem (maybe related to the first one):

      If I choose only two different year like 2009 and 2011 in my example. The ranking for the second year is false and I see 1 and then 2 in my rank column


      if somebody can help me it will be great. Thanks in advance

      Following is the full viz (I use only Tableau Public 8.0):