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    Use the value of a parameter/filter/calc in parameterized custom SQL


      Hello - I have a how-to question related to Tableau8. I'm trying to develop a "reverse" guided analytics workbook. "Reverse" means I want to start with a small list of values and use one of the values to go to a second sheet whose database connection has been parameterized with a custom SQL request. The dataset (even when extracted) is too large and I want to use this approach to bring back a subset instead of starting with the large dataset and filtering down.


      Use-case - On Sheet1, start with a small list of values from a database column (e.g., A,B,C,...Z), select one of the options (e.g., Q). When the value is selected, go to Sheet2 whose database connection uses the value "Q" in a parameter within a custom-SQL to only retrieve rows WHERE DBValue = ParameterValue ("Q" in this example).


      thanks for any advice/help.