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    Date Becomes Invalid In Extract



      I am using Tableau Desktop Professional v8.0 with a single table connection to an MS Access database.  When I am directly connected to the data source all my dates are valid and I have no problems.  However, when I switch to the extract the date 11/22/2012 becomes invalid because it thinks the year is 345412 (it also thinks the Month = August and the Day = 21).  Sometimes (but not always of course) when I filter the view (while using the extract) to include only the date 11/22/2012, it goes back to recognizing the date correctly with a year of 2012.  I can't find anything wrong with the source data and it is doing this to all records with a date of 11/22/2012.  Deleting and recreating the extract did not solve the issue.  Does anyone know what this happens / have a solution?


      One other thing I should note is there are multiple date fields in my file and it only seems to have this problem with the field Posting Date.


      Below: Direct Data connection, multiple dates, works fine

      Direct Connection.PNG


      Below: Using Extract, multiple date, invalid year for 11/22/2012

      Extract with Other Dates.PNG


      Below: Using Extract, only 11/22/2012, year is correct

      Extract 11.22 Only.PNG