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    Need an action on Month with default setting on latest month view

    huanhuan wang

      Hi all,


      I am building a dashboard with two views, one have 6 months historical data, another one showing some text for the latest month. In current setting, I have a filter to show which month as the latest to show, so when user select the month, the bar chart will automatically show the past 6 months with the select month data as latest one, and the bottom text will show the data for selected month.


      However, a new requirement is to enable a filter action on month from the bar chart to the text view, meaning, when user select any bar in the trend view, the text view should change to the selected month. Challenge now is that my filter will show only one month, so when the action is applied, if any other months are selected other than the last one,  NULL will show for the text, because of the parameter control i set.


      Is this possible to do? in a nut shell, default view is to the latest month based on parameter control selection, with filter action enabled to dynamically change the text view on the bottom.