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    need to fit multiple filters with binary values('name'/'null') in a single check box filter window

    vashisth sorathia


      I have 8 columns(different devices) in my back-end, each column has one of the two values - "device"/"null".("device" is the name of the respective column header). Have attached a sample data. I want to use all these columns in filters and need to show them in quick filters. It would not be a good idea to show 8 different filters as I have too many other filters and charts already occupying screen space in my dashboard. Is there any way to show these filters in a single quick filter window such that - there is a check box list of column header names("device1", "device2"..."device8") and - if I select "device1" and "device4", I should see the data only for those entries which are using devices 1 and 4 both, but not any other devices. In terms of "null" values, only those entries with not-"null" values for device 1 and 4 AND "null" values for other columns. So another requirement arising from this would be - if some element in this filter is checked, it should mean "device-name", else it should mean "null".


      The reason I can't use them in a single column(refer to column E in attached file) - it is possible that more than one devices are being used by the same user, hence there are many combinations of devices possible(>70 in my case!), which would look ugly when someone expands the list by clicking on the drop-down button, also if some particular combination of devices is to be selected, it would be annoying to search through this long list.


      Also using parameter could not help because as stated above, there needs to be a flexibility through which more than one devices can be selected in the filter.


      Any help on this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.