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    calculated fields using calculated fields

    Tim Harris

      Hello -

      We are doing a forecasting exercise.  We have the following source data for a series of months.






      The loss rates are historic, and we want to multiply them against the start count in order to project the losses by type in the period.


      Type1_losses_projected = [Start_count] *  Type1_Loss_rate

      Type2_losses_projected = [Start_count] *  Type2_Loss_rate


      This is straightforward and it works up to this point. What we want to do next is calculate the total losses


      Total_Losses_projected= [Type1_losses_projected] + [Type1_losses_projected]


      Here is where we get a message that there is a problem/limit with source data files, and when we query on the error, we get this message - 

      Check for nested equations. Check your workbook for custom calculations that contain other calculations that reference a secondary data source, or custom calculations that reference a calculation in the primary data source that references a secondary data source. If these types of calculations are being used in your workbook, modify the calculation so it does not use nested equations.


      We are, of course,calculating a variable with a previously calculated variable - but I am not clear on why that presents a problem. Please advise.


      Tim, John