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    tableau 7.0 desktop not displaying data visualization in workbook/dashboards

    Brian Smith

      I was working on a workbook last night. Published it to server and everything was fine. I thought of another global filter I should add this am and went to apply it this am the workbook was still open on my desktop so I simply clicked on the sheet with the filter already added and checked make global. when i did the entire visualization of the workbook disappeared.... the data in two of the quick filters did as well. However when I modified the quick filters to "Show ALL Data" instead of "Show relevant" the data did populate and display and my original settings were still intact.

      I have refreshed the connection to the view in greenplum, run the top 100 in greenplum query and it populates fine. Tableau workbook however still not displaying any visualization other than the Data,Dimensions,Measures,Filters,Marks,Measure Values and quick filters etc.


      screen shot attached.


      Anyone have any idea what is wrong with this?