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    Migration of publication from Tableau Server Stage to Prod

    David Baudrez

      Hi team;


      We are running a Tableau Server Stage and a Production environment.

      After having developed our dashboard in the stage instance, we want to migrate the publication to the Production instance for user consumption.

      When trying publishing on the PROD, I have a pop up saying " This workbook contains Data Source that is dependent on a different Tableau Server".

      Indeed for performance reasons; we had published an extract of the Data source onto the Tableau Stage Server.

      It should be a trivial step to resolve... if you could guide me I would highly  appreciate.



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          Hi David,

          Have you been able to figure this out?  We are having challenges with the same thing.  We can migration files with packaged data extracts between environments just fine but when the workbooks contained published data sources we are stopped dead in our tracks.  We had a manual workaround in mind but that doesn't work either since a user can only be logged into one Tableau Server instance at a given time.



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            Aaron Clancy

            The workflow for something like this (Which is not fun) :


            Download the Published Data Source (TDS) from your Stage Server.

            Connect to that local copy of the TDS from your workbook.

            Menu>Data>Replace Data Source from Published to local copy.

            Close connection to the Published TDS

            Publish the local TDS to Production Server

            Create new connection to the Published TDS on PROD Server.

            Replace connection from local TDS to newly published TDS on PROD server

            Close connection to local TDS

            Publish workbook to PROD server


            Repeat for each published data source


            If anyone at Tableau knows a better way to do this please let me know.  And is there any update on when/if this process might be changes so people who have scenarios like this might have an easier time during the content promotion process.  (Not everyone can set up DEV TEST PROD in Production as Projects and don't really have the desire to until there's a better way than "naming conventions" to organizing content on a single site)

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              ^ wow - that's bad. How can Tableau compete as an enterprise BI tool if the migration process is that cumbersome?  Interworks supposedly has an enterprise toolkit that is supposed to help automate certain tasks - I hope workbook and datasource migration is part of it!