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    Maximum utilization by city (for multiple location cities)

    Bryan Jones

      We're having a heck of a time getting a set of vizes to work out and I'm hoping someone here might know of a simple solution that's evading me.


      We have facilities in several cities that track how many people enter (by type of membership they have, what minute they enter, etc.). We assume a certain stay length because we don't ask people to "swipe out". What we'd like to show is the maximum utilization by city - however, cities with multiple locations are giving us trouble.


      For example, in Boston we might have BOS1 and BOS2 - in the attached Excel file the highlighted 5:00am cell is what we would like to show for Max Utilization for this one day in Boston - we're not showing the max by club but rather by city. In Denver, we'd want to show the highlighted 65% at 8:30am as the Max Utilization for that day. So, between finding the max for each club across the half hour block we shape the data to when it comes in and finding the max for that city across multiple locations in that city [the file is a snippet of a much larger file], its proving to be a little more difficult than expected.


      Ideally, our final table would look something like (with additional columns for other days):


      BOS 44%

      CLE 101%

      DEN 87%

      DFW 30%

      LAS 23%


      Anyone have an idea that we might be able to try out?





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