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    boxplot on coordinate

    Milan Cisty

      I would like to draw scheme of the drinking water system - this is only line drawing, each line is a pipe. On particular place of this network I would like to place boxplots which will show pressure variability in that point over time. I have:

      - dxf file with network pipes (lines). I know also coordinates of each pipe start and end, so it is possible to draw it pipe by pipe maybe.

      - coordinates of points, where I want to have boxplots (in the same coordinate system as is network)

      - time series with pressures in network (for boxplots)

      I would like to ask, how to accomplish this task in Tabkleau - so:

      1. how to import dxf file to Tableau or how to import network by other way (preserving coordinates)

      2. how to place boxplots on particular place and scale them (they cannot be very big because network in background should be visible)

      This is my first attempt to try Tableau, I will be really happy if this is possible by begginer