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    How to sum boxoffice by unique ID

    Yao-Te Tsai

      Hi everyone,

      I am using tableau to do some data mining from IMDB dataset. I am having trouble to calculate sum of boxoffice if I connect multiple tables. For example,

      table 1 contains movie ID name, year and boxoffice.


      And I connect to another table called actor. If I put movie ID in row, then Tableau will return me sum(boxoffice)=50000. How can I make it just calculate only once? Because I am going to connect more tables such as director, genre,...... it makes the calculation more difficult.

      ***ActorMovie ID


      Thanks for your help in advance.

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          Prashant Sharma

          Hi Tsai,


          When you uploading your table then take only one table at one time & after that create new connection & upload the other one.This will gives you two connections over there. Now use Movie ID for first connection & Boxoffice from first connection will give you 10,000 as your answer. I think this will work for you.