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    Variable Axis based on parameter or formula

    Jeffrey Smith

      I have a line chart with dual axis, and multiple dimensions.

      The dual axis have different scales and not including 0.

      The scales were chosen in order to show both types of values on the same chart without overlapping the lines.


      The problem is that the different types of values may have very different ranges depending upon the other dimensions.

      Is there a way of allowing the scales to function independently based on a parameter or a formula rather than whatever automatic calculation is occurring.

      The problem with the automatic scaling is that it defaults to maximize for each of the scales which causes them to overlap in the visualization.

      (this is all vertical)

      Ideally I would want the range on chart one to be something like:

      range of axis 1=  axismax=windowmax+10% and axismin=windowmin-(windowmax-windowmin)

      range of axis 2=  axismax=(windowmax-windowmin)+windowmax and axismin=windowmin-10%


      So if the max for chart 1(dual axis 1) is 10,000 and the min is 7000 then the vertical axis would be MAX=11000, MIN=7000- (10000-7000)=4000

      And Chart 2(dual axis 2) value range is max=4000 and min=3000 then vertical axis would be MAX=(4000-3000)+4000    , MIN=2700


      Then of course depending upon which dimensions were filtered the ranges would change and axis would change accordingly.


      I know there are ways I could do this with separate charts, or transforming the data.

      My question here is just about variable axis.

      Apprecite the assistance.