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    Seeking an analytics consultant

    Stefan Armstrong

      We're a midsized SF marketing firm, and we're looking to do a cluster analysis involving several large datasets.


      We're looking to build our analytics practice, so it would be great if you like explaining how these projects are done. We have ongoing demand for this type of work from several clients, so there is opportunity for an ongoing collaboration.


      Are you interested, or perhaps you know someone?



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          Jack Hoyt

          Hey Stefan.  I head up Business Development and Partnerships @ Delve Partners, a consulting group providing professional Analytics and Business Intelligence assistance to marketers, merchants, IT, and other end users.  We've recently partnered with a number of marketing agencies (mostly digital/creative) and I'd be happy to chat with you to see if we might be a good partner for the project you mentioned, among others.  We have significant experience doing deep-dive analysis on large datasets (some truly "Big Data") so we could probably lend some good advice.


          Shoot me an email @ Jack.Hoyt@delvepartners.com or give me a ring @ 973-919-0006 and we can take it from there.