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    Filter "All" Selection and Join

    Paul Collier

      I am looking to join a secondary data source to my report that allows me to create a small database of comments based on 3 selections.  So...


      Geography (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)

      Student Type (New, Continuing)

      Faculty (Arts, Business, Social Science, Maths, Science)


      When these get added to quick filters they all have the "All" option which is a valid selection for a user.


      What I am looking to do is be able to provide a commentary for which ever selection (or combination of selections) the user selects.  Is this possible - including the "All"?  I can get it working where there is a definite join between the 3 types, but all doesn't exist as a value in the data on the original datasource, just as a summarisation in the quick filters.


      I can see that I could do it as a separate selection but cannot see how it would work if I try to join the datasources together.