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    Trend line in Bar Chart

    Arvind Maheshwari

      I have four KPI's which i need to show in a bar chart with separate bar for each KPI. I am able to generate a bar chart but now I need to show two KPI as bars while other two as trend lines.

      KPI and Date range are present in Columns section and count of KPI values as Rows.

      Can anyone help me as how i can add trend lines as whenever i use to add it it says numbers or date must be present on both axis.

      I have numbers on both axis plus KPI string.

      I am new tableau please help !!

      Thanks in advance

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          Mark Holtz



          Welcome to Tableau.

          Unfortunately, what you are asking--to make a graph with multiple bar marks and multiple line marks--is not possible as far as I know. You can get close (3 bars, 1 line, a parameter to swap out which measure you display as bar/line, but really, what is needed is the ability to have more than 1 "collection of marks" marks like the "Measure Values" mark.


          You can see some more and voice your support for this improvement for future releases in the idea section of Tableau's community pages.



          (copy and paste this link into a browser window to go to the most popular Idea thread.)