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    How to insert static values into a Date filtered crosstab

    Jason Marotta

      Hey All-


      Not sure if this has been covered, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


      Here's the use case:

      - We have media campaigns buys, by website, with a specific start date. End result is a running total for spend to date for each site

      - We'll use the running total for each site, and the campaign budget for that site to calculate the % spend against budget to date

      - We have an already existing crosstab set up to display campaign performance of each site filtered to display the previous week's performance

      - We want to insert the the running total spent and the % spend to date inline with last week's performance


      So essentially, the question is can we have data from a different date range in the same crosstab that displays data controlled from it's own date filter?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance your guys can provide.