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    How to show all values in tool-tip at any point in the whisker line?

    Praveen Kumar

      Hi All,


      I have a box/gantt chart  which displays the quartile values (KILL) along the whisker points in its tooltip. Ex: If I mouse hover on KEY_NAME:6 in VER: 9.2.299 , it shows KILL:67.7

      But I want to have the tootip display all the quartile values (min, 25%tile, 50th, 75%tile and max) at any point of mouse hover in  box/whisker in the chart.

      (for Ex: min:5.7 , 25%tile: 15.7 , median: 53.9,  75%tile:67.7 and max: 94.9 )

      I have attached the dashboard for reference.


      Please help


      Thanks in advance,

      Praveen Kumar