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    Year Over Year Growth by Calendar Week

    Mark Dubiel

      Hello Everyone,


      I am looking at sales data for the years 2011 and 2010. I want to calculate year over year growth, which can be easily done by using the quick table calculation "year over year growth" function or by creating a calculated field:

      (ZN(SUM([Sales])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Sales])), -1)) / ABS(LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Sales])), -1))


      In both scenarios, Tableau takes the sales value for a particular date in 2011 e.g. 1/24/2011 and compares it to the exact date in 2010 in this case 1/24/2010. However, 1/24/2011 is a Monday and 1/24/2010 is a Sunday. I would like to compare the exact weekdays for a particular calendar week to each other. In this case, it should be 1/24/2011 = Monday over 1/25/2010 = Monday.


      Does someone know how to do this in Tableau?