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    Sorting on Calculated Field

    Mark Dubiel

      Hi Everyone!


      I am working on a worksheet that contains category sales information over 3 years as well as year over year calculations.

      I would like to sort categories on a particular date, based on the highest % change of sales over last year.


      I know that I can create a calculated field, convert it from a measure to a dimension and sort my categories based on that field. However, I can't figure out the right logic.

      It should be something like this:


      If ([SalesDate]) = '2/11/11'

      Then (ZN(SUM([Sales])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Sales])), -1)) / ABS(LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Sales])), -1))  ...... here I would like to place an expression that tells the system to sort based on % change of sales over last year



      Does anyone has some suggestions?