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    pass values between different data sources

    John Zhu

      Tableau 8.0 registered version and I am a new-bee for tableau. What I tried to figure out shall be pretty simple/straightforward but it really took me a whole day.


      Given two tables:


      Table A { VARCHAR name, int value, DATE day}

      Table B { VARHCAR name, float ratio}


      I can not join two tables via name field because the joined view contains too huge rows.  What I did is creating two separate data sources linked to each table. Using SQL to express what I want to achieve.


      1. "select sum(ratio) from B where name = X" - that will result in a single float number Y

      2. show the curve for value*Y along day in a sheet


      Basically what I want is creating a reference parameter to the real-time query on top of table B and then plot something for table A along with the reference parameter. Shall it be easy in Tableau?


      thanks a lot :-)