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    Usability of Tableau Desktop to Determine Parameters of Significance?

    Peter Pan

      I am not a statistician and have not installed Tableau yet. I would like to know if it is suitable for my purpose:


      I have a large Excel spreadsheet listing more than 100,000 unsecured loans by individuals.  Each loan is in a row and the columns contain more than 20 parameters such as information from their credit file (e.g. number of credit lines, revolving debt, etc) as well as other information.  The loans also show the loan status; current, late with payments, default etc.


      I am trying to build a "model" that would predict the return on the investment to an individual, e.g. probability of default, based on the parameters in the columns. Some parameters are insignificant, marginally significant or highly significant for a default.


      Can Tableau help to analyze this type of data in order to build a model?

      Are there any examples showing this type of analysis?