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    Top X marks on a Highlight Table with multiple dimensions


      Hello All,


      I can't seem to figure this out...

      I have a "Highlight Table" type graph with one dimension on the rows and one dimension on the columns.  There is a mark for each combination that is highlighted based on the number of records.  (i.e the darkest squares have the most records.) For example, I have "Type of injury" (fracture, concussion, cut, etc.) as a dimension and "cause of injury"  (slip, fall, trip, etc.) for another. I am trying to filter this chart dynamically so that it always shows the top X marks.  Here is what I have tried...

      1. creating 2 combined sets, one for each dimension and filtering based on those sets.

      2. creating a "combined dimension"... this works  well for creating all of the marks, but I can't filter this for "Top" like I can for other filters.


      This needs to work dynamically based on other variables, so I can't just create a group based  on what is on the chart at any given time.


      Any suggestions?