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    TY vs. LY Weekly Comparison

    Jesse LaBoda

      Throughout the year there are different holiday's that happen that aren't necessarily in the same week as the previous. For example the Easter holiday fell 2 weeks earlier in 2013 vs 2012. I'd like to be able to compare week 9 this year to week 11 last year, but can't figure out a easier way then writing a long formula doing the comparison's manually.


      Any ideas?

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          Joshua Milligan



          This is probably where a custom date lookup table (date dimension) will be helpful.  The exact structure and how you might use it would depend on the structure of the rest of your data.  I've created a simple example using the SuperStore sales demo data provided with Tableau and a very simple date table that looks like this:




          Then I blended the data to create a comparison of Sales for the week of Easter for each year (2013 doesn't exist in the Sales data).


          A quick table calculation gives the difference from the previous year.