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    Export Map with labels to PDF

    Olaf Stein

      I have a map with several labels on each state showing numbers for those states.

      The map only shows those sets of labels that fit without overlapping without other sets of labels.

      I tried the "Allow labels to overlap other marks" feature but then things become unreadable.

      While in tableau this is not a big deal as I can hover over a state without labels showing and see the numbers.

      When exporting to PDF however there is a lot of information missing.

      Is there anyway I can display all sets of labels on the map? Even if not exactly on top of the state? I have seen this done, especially in the northeast, where the labels are on the side of the map with a line pointing to which state it is.




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          Dan Huff



          There are a couple of things you can try. First, if you hover over the labels you should get an icon indicating that the labels can be moved. If you move the labels to more appropriate places to avoid confusion, you may be able to arrange them so that the map cleanly displays all info for your export.


          Additionally, if there is a label that can be easily shown as another viz type, you could always combine the map with a small bar chart (or something else) on a dashboard and export that so that you get both vizzes with all your info displayed.


          Hope this helps,