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    datasource number of rows

    Juan Antonio Gomez Moriano

      First of all, I will say that this is my first time using Tableau.


      Essentially I am wondering if there is any simple way to figure out the number of rows of a given datasource from the tableau web panel.


      I am fixing the datasources of our current tableau server, we do know that the problem is due to incorrect datasources (such datasources are custom sql queries to a database, the sql was incorrect).


      I know how to figure out the number of rows of the a datasource from tableau desktop, but I don't seem to be able to perform such operation from tableau web panel.


      Also, is it possible to see the "raw" data of a given datasource on the tableau web panel.


      Thanks for any answer and excuse such a simple question, but again, I am new to this.

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          Although you can view and download underlying data via web, you'll need to load it into Excel or similar tool to count rows.

          I can't think of any mechanism for Tableau Server to let users know the row count for a view, except for publisher to include that information as part of the view.

          Also, new version 8 of Tableau Server allows web authoring, so it is theoretically possible for users to build their own view right on the server to show the number of records. But they would use this feature "at their own risk", i.e. without sound knowledge of underlying data this could result in erroneous count.

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            Juan Antonio Gomez Moriano

            Thanks for the heads up Dimitri,


            I am wondering, how then can I download the data? You refer to download a view, however, I need to get full dump of a DataSource, if the datasource is on CSV format, no problem.


            Is there a way to get a CSV dump (CSV, XML, JSON, whatever it is) of a DataSource via the web interface, if so, how?



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              What I meant is you can download the data behind a view, i.e. the raw data that was used by Tableau to form a particular view. That would include all data in the primary data source for that view, but not secondary (if there is one).

              The process is triggered by clicking the Export icon above the view and  is shown in the sceenshot below:

              download data.png