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    Top Ten Things I Learned About Being an Accidental Analyst and Showing Your Data Who's Boss

    Laurie Jones

      From Lead Author Eileen McDaniel, PhD and Stephen McDaniel presenting to the Seattle Tableau User Group


      1. Choose your tool: Excel and Access are pretty good databases for many purposes. Choose Tableau when it is the best tool for the job.
      2. KISS: Executives are overloaded with information. Collapsing categories delivers simplicity: group the top 3, the top 5, the top 10
      3. Examples are great: One of Stephen’s “most favorites,” is Eileen’s Green Living Dashboard at http://www.freakalytics.com/2010/03/10/greenliving/
      4. Impress for Success: QUICK VIEWS and QUICK TABLE CALCS are Tableau’s most impressive business intelligence features.
      5. Use Guides: the Seven C’s of Data Analysis helps you choose your questions and check your work
      6. Focus in on the most important data items: identify them! Eliminate extraneous data
      7. Find visual ways to show variability. Make your job easier by making it easy to see differences
      8. Practice, Practice, Practice: If you try and fail, try again. There is no secret formula to analysis
      9. It’s not wrong to be wrong.  It’s wrong not to fix it
      10. Don’t tell, SHOW:  Show them what it means and they will know you can deliver data that can inform decision making