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    How can you make a date range filter with 2 dropdown menus?

    Noel Avison

      I would like to have a date range filter that filters between two drop down menus with a start date and an end date. I was able to accomplish this with parameters and drop-down dates that were used as filters using this equation:


      IIF([OLSN]>=MID( [Start Date],11,4),IIF([OLSN]<=MID( [End Date],11,4),[OLSN],NULL),NULL)


      Basically it checks to see if the value for OLSN is somewhere in between the 2 date parameters and if it is it is present. Then I set a filter to get rid of NULL values for the calculated field and it works. The problem is that the parameters will not update when new dates are put into the data. Is there a way to accomplish this same feat without the use of parameters? Or has someone found a workaround for the parameter update issue?.