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    Selecting Peers for analysis

    Pulkit Saxena

      Hey.. I am kind of new to Tableau and I am sure this is pretty simple.


      I am trying to compare companies for their financial performance.


      I have to select a base company and then from the rest of the companies choose the ones that will form the peer set and get averages etc and plot charts.


      For each base company that I select my peer set will change.


      Anyone has any thoughts on how this can be achieved?



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          Joshua Milligan



          I saw that you hadn't received an answer for this and that you posted another similar question that hasn't gotten any responses yet either.  Hopefully bumping this up might help.


          Also, do you have any sample (mock-up) data or a packaged workbook you might be able post that would help me understand a little better what you are trying to do?