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    adding attribute filters dynamically to a worksheet

    vikram murthy

      Hi everyone,

                           Let me give u an instance of what i am doing. I have a client that sells everything from furniture to bath towels which obviously have a different set of attributes. I need to make a contribution % chart where every SKU needs to be displayed in terms of its contribution wrt the department chosen. The only catch here is it would be then seen with the lenses of attributes. So if its furniture the rows would be "Frame", "Size" etc and if its textiles it would be "Fabric", "Color" etc .. now i can make 2 worksheets but i would love it if this could be configurable, else if there are like 10 departments the client would have to go through 10 worksheets ..not cool at all. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated and yes would receive some beers on the house if you happen to stop by Novato