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    accessing cube dimension in calculated field

    Syed Shah



      I am trying to create a calculated field where we need to make a condition on a dimension. Howeer, I cannot access the dimensions in the calculated field window. We are using Microsoft analysis cubes in our reports. Can someone please give a suggestion on how can we access the dimension in the calculated field. I know it is easy when we are using relational data




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          Peter Thomsen

          Hi Arif


          Cubes are a totally different beast in this context.


          The short answer is, that you can't in a calculated field....


          However, if you know a little MDX (the query language of cubes) you can create your own calculated members. The syntax of the calculated member will be something like ([Dimension Name].[Attribute Name].[Member Name], [Measures],[Measure Name]) or as an real example: ([Customer].[Customer Name].[Inspari], [Measures],[Sales])


          This will give you the value of Sales for the customer named Inspari


          Hope it help