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    Display data of group of customers over time when the group is chosen by selecting a specific month from the past

    Hanus Tomek

      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to this forum so please have a patience with me.. I really tried and searched the forums but to no avail…I'd like to ask you for help on the following problem. I have a set of customer data as per excel table attached.


      Let's assume it is January 2013 now and I'd like to create a view to see the data of customers (their numbers) and licences (again the total numbers), something like a bar chart or lines. And here comes the trouble. Let's say I'm interested in March 2012 data (this should be a variable parameter) and I'd like to see only customers that were active in that month and what happened only with them and their licences over  time from then till now, in another words month over month figures of data of customers that were active in March 2013 till now, in this case their total number and number of licences. The result I expect should be constant or declining trend in customer numbers as obviously if I take a snapshot of customers from March I can not count with customers I would acquire in coming months and some of the customers I had in March would leave along the way and then ups and downs of the number of licences of this group of customers, given that existing customers from the March-based group can acquire or get rid of some licences. I hope I made it clear but if not, please let me know and I'll try to make it clearer...


      Any help truly appreciated!!