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    Automated Field penetration/Frequency Report

    Sheron Madhushanka

      Hi Tableau Community,


      We get lot of data files to analyse, one of the first steps we do when we receive files is to produce Frequency/ Field penetration report on the data file received.


      Can Tableau produce a

      1. Automatic field penetration report ( Idea here is I need tableau to display all the dimensions and possible values it may contain and this content frequency in terms of number of records )


      For example - say I have this Data File 1.Csv or any format

      I got 5 Fields, Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4, Field5


      I need 5 tabs produced automatically, with content frequency for each field.


      IS this possible?


      2. If I have number of Tableau sheets, can I export them all in one click to Excel worksheet?


      Many thanks