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    Fix scroll bar in a worksheet


      Hello All,


      I have a worksheet which shows 3 measures vs Week Starting day. I have about 50+ weeks.


      I have used this worksheet as a part of a dashboard with other worksheets. I have made it to "Fit to Height" to get a scroll bar on the date row.


      The dates shown are in ascending order. (It is part of requirement, to show the trending of the measures).


      Is there a way that Tableau provides to fix or lock the scroll bar to extreme right, where it shows the current dates.


      My client will view this dashboard from Reader.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Bha,


          Sorry for the delay in receiving a response! To have the user open up the workbook and see the most recent dates (by having the scroll bar to the far right), simply save the workbook like that before sending it to them. The workbook will open exactly as it was last saved.


          Hope this helps!