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    Workbook title

      I have a workbook which has a title displayed.  When I publish it to Tableau Server, the "title" of the workbook in Tableau Server becomes the title in the Workbook (which is long and contains the date etc.) rather than the tab name for the worksheet.  I would prefer that Tableau Server use the tab anme as the Title (which it usually uses unless you have title activated in the worksheet).  How can I do this?  Or how can I specify what I want the title to be in Tablea Server.


      Example: the workbook tab is "BMS Report", but when it gets saved to Tableau Server it uses the title in the worksheet which is "Rabobank, NA, Report Date: 3/20/2013 7:28:12 am, Effective Date: 2/28/2013".  How do I get the Title in tableau sever to be "BMS Report".  See attached for how it looks in Tableau Server:



      This is a screenshot of the tab name for the worksheet in Tableau Desktop: