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    HR - Annualized Turnover Calculation


      I've created a custom calculation for annualized turnover rates. The calculation includes 2 data sources: Employee Headcount Report and Employee Termination Report. The calculation works perfectly when only using one dimension, but when I add in a second demension the rate changes completely. Does anyone have an advice on why the calculation wouldn't work with more than one dimension?

      Thank you!

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          Alex Kerin

          Is the dimensions present in both sources? Is it named the same? Are all of the members of the dimension the same between the sources?


          What is likely happening (and I don't think Tableau warns you appropriately) is that you are breaking your turnover down by department (for example), but because the relationship to department in the second source does not exist (because it's not there, it's named differently, the members are different, or the relationship has not been defined) the terminations in each department are being divided by the headcount across the whole company.