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    Dynamic Filters

    Andrew Angloemyer

      The quick version of this is that I have a category hierarchy. Lets say Dept( Apparel, Automotive, Outdoors...) and Sub-Dept (Men's, Womens, Truck, Car, Camping, Skiiing...).


      My first filter option is Dept. If someone selects Apparel as the department, then when they go to select sub-dept, I only want to display Sub-Dept options that apply to the selected dept.


      I have successfuly accomplished this using the "Only Relevant Values" feature. However, I'm having the following issue:


      Given the above example, asume that the Men's Sub-Dept is only found in the Dept = Apparel. So, I select Dept = Apparel and then Sub-Dept = Men's. When I select Men's in the Sub-Dept, the Dept automatically reverts to "(All)". I believe this is happening because the Dept is set up with "Only Relevant Values", so when Men's is selected as the Sub-Dept, only 1 Dept is available and therefore "(All)" relative Depts are selected. I would like to continue to display the Dept = Apparel even if there is the only relavent dept.


      I tried de-selecting the "Only Relative Values" for the Dept but that cause my chart to not display.