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    tableau - how to generate a dashboard in this format

    dora iyer



      • Global is a measure
      • Desktop,pc,mac and windows are from the app dimension.


      Row 1  is  the date

      Row 2 should show the values for that Measure (Global)

      Row 3  onwards should show the values for app dimension


      Attached please find the data extract and the workbook.


      any help will be highly appreciated !!!

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          Russell Christopher

          Dora - to get your date on Columns, just switch the DAY(Week Ending On) pill on Columns to "Exact Date" and then change it again to "Discrete"


          It sounds like you're essentially looking for a Grand Total across all Apps, but you want that number on top instead of on the bottom, where we normally place it - there may be some tricky ways to do this table calculations, but I personally would just something like a UNION in your Custom SQL...just create a second SELECT statement which generates a SUM() of this measure across rows, and name it "Global":



          SELECT 'Global' as App, SUM(Measure) as totalAcitve,....FROM Table




          You'd then need to either do a manual sort to get this "new row" on top - or do something fun with an additional numeric column you add to your query to enable a more dynamic sort


          If you don't mind "Global" being the last row, then life is easy. Just turn Grand Totals on, then Format the label and change the Label property at the bottom of the Header tab to "Global" from it's original "Grand Total" text.


          Hope this helps a little - some of the other folks who work more on "formatting" may have better ideas, too.