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    Previous ? has become more complicated...

    Tim Christ

      Got a great answer to my previous question, the Table Calculation worked great, but now things are a bit more complicated.  I need to do the same analysis, but now with the element of time.  So the same problem as before, using monthly sales data instead of sales totals.

      I'm having problems combining running total calculations with table calculations, if that's even possible?


      New Example also attached since I doubt this is readable.


      tableau question pic.png





      Filter out customers with less than x?  subtotal?


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      Tim ChristGot Data?

      For simplicity let's say I have: 2 dimensions: Customers & Products, and 1 measure: UnitSales

      I want to display the UnitSales for all Products for any Customers that have more than xx UnitSales of any single Product. (not total UnitSales)

      Let's say xx=10 units of any product.

      For example:

      Customer1 with sales of ProductA 55, ProductB 22, ProductC 2

      Customer2 with sales of ProductA 9, ProductB 9, ProductC 9

      Customer3 with sales of ProductA 0, ProductB 11, ProductC 5

      Should look like:


           ProductA     55

           ProductB     22

           ProductC     2


           ProductB     11

           ProductC     5

      Any help is greatly appreciated!


      Robin Kennedy
      Correct Answer by Robin Kennedy  on Oct 23, 2012 8:45 AM


      Tim, you can do this with a Table Calculation.

      Create a calculated field with the formula:


      Then add the field to the view and change the compute method to Product (it's then working out the maximum sales per customer over all the products). Add the field to the Filter shelf and set it to "At least 10".

      Example attached.

      Hope that helps.