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    Percent From formula help

    Noel Avison



      I have data that is in this form:


      LH02 - Meats Processing PI48 PI MIDWEST 213382123013-Mar-13MAR-13
      LH02 - Meats Processing PI48 PI EDD19812123012-Mar-13MAR-13
      LH 25 PI EDD21862123012-Mar-13MAR-13
      OP99 - OthersOP OUTSIDE1603.185121122614-Feb-13FEB-13
      PH06 - Inshell ALPHS INSHELL BAG27193-1122218-Jan-13JAN-13
      PH06 - Inshell ALPHS INSHELL BAG430001122218-Jan-13JAN-13
      PH06 - Inshell ALPHS INSHELL BAG61759-1122221-Jan-13JAN-13
      PH06 - Inshell ALPHS INSHELL BAG46594-1122321-Jan-13JAN-13

      I want to calculate yield for line_name and line group over days/weeks/months/etc. Yield is calculated by dividing LBS PROD with line type 1 by LBS PROD with line type -1. I was able to accomplish this with a table calculation, however I want to do more calculations from this  yield percentage.


      For instance different machines (lines) have different acceptable yields so a huller might be ok running with a 75% yield, however a roaster must be above 89%. So I wanted to run a case statement so that I could color the bar charts by acceptable or not acceptable yields depending on their line group, however I have no idea how to make the calculation in the case statement



           WHEN "01-Roasters" THEN IIF(??????>89%, "Acceptable", "Not Acceptable")

           WHEN "02.....etc


      How should I go about doing this?