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    SharePoint Tableau Webpart

    Prakash patil

      Hi ,

      We are evaluating Tableau reporting tool for our current Buiness requirement to show reports in sharepoint 2010.

      I downloaded the tool and installed and followed the follwing steps still we could not able to get the webpart in sharepoint 2010.


      1) copy the dll in to gac

      2) Make the safe control entries into application web.config

      <SafeControl Assembly="TableauEmbeddedView, Version=, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=1fd2a444ebdf5701" Namespace="TableauEmbeddedView" TypeName="*" Safe="True"/>

      3 iisreset.

      still can't able to see tableau webpart.


      4) we are using form based authentication (users  creds are stored in fba database) to login to sharepoint application .

      does this tableau reporting tool work for form based users.



      Prakash Patil