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    Tableau 8 Road Show

    Toby Erkson

      Just finished the event and, man, Dustin is taller than I expected


      Seriously though, the day flew by!  That's good for me because that means I was learning and doing and talking and keeping busy.  It was a good show and I learned more about Tableau 8, both in server and Desktop.  I also got to meet my sales reps and talk with Dan Jewett.   Oh, and the lunch was the BEST conference food I've ever had.  Tableau, next time you're in town be sure to use The Nines again!


      If this is a typical road show event then I definitely recommend that people attend.  Heck, it was also good for me to go because I didn't realize there were so many Oregonians (PDXers?) that used Tableau and in such a variety of businesses and non-profits -- a little trivia tidbit Dustin told me.  So you never know what you might find out about in your neck of the woods.  Oh, speaking of Dustin, don't let his mild-mannered demeanor fool you, he's pretty knowledgeable about the product and has a keen Spidy-sense

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          So any word on when they might actually release Tableau 8? And, what did you think of the features?


          I mean, that's what we all care about :-).

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            Toby Erkson

            I don't remember the anticipated release date...mid-month...this month?  Or was it May?  Dang memory


            Heck yeah I like the new features.  More chart types, editing vizes directly from server, additional security/permissions, floating layouts and layout tree for dashboards, dashboard duplication, dashboard sizing (iPad portrait or landscape, laptop, small blog, etc.), better pill area, ... yeah I can't wait to upgrade our server so my users can upgrade to version 8!

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              Dustin Smith

              Hahaha, can't believe I missed this.   Thanks for the compliments Toby.  To be fair, I did have my big boy shoes on that day and the secret note cards I was using allowed me to sound a lot smarter than I am.  The IT Admin session you saw me lead was put together by Neelesh and I only wish you could have seen him do it in person since when he's running the show it's about 50 times more awesome.


              Glad you felt the day was well spent.  Our field events team is like a force of nature.

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                Dustin, as the Community Manager, I'm begging you to leak the release date to our community :-).

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                  Dustin Smith

                  Trust me, I would if I could.  I almost have accidentally about a dozen times.


                  Let's just put it this way, it's so close that if you were to show up at Tableau HQ right now you would see everyone running around in an excited craze getting ready.  It's close.  Very very close.

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                    I'm going to take a giant leap and interpret that to mean this week . I'm going to be so sad if it isn't released