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    Automatically Updating Parameter Maximum Value Set From Field

    Jason Strimpel



      I have a date based parameter that is a range of dates set from the date field in the underlying data source. The data source is incrementally updated daily with the current date. I would like for the maximum value of the parameter to be set automatically based on the maximum date in the data source instead of me having to manually set it daily. Is this possible?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Jason,


          Currently, it is not possible to have the parameter automatically update to the latest day. What is the desired outcome? This could potentially be done with a calculated field. If you want to show the last 2 months from the most recent date, for example, create a calculation similar to the following and place it on the filter shelf:


          if max([Date field])>=dateadd('month', -2, window_max(max([Date field]))) and max([Date field])=window_max(max([Date field])) then max([Date field]) end