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    Generate county dimension from a zip code level data

    Charley Ferrari

      Relatively new to Tableau, hopefully someone can give me a quick answer to this!


      I have national zip code level data of average commute times, from which I'd like to create a heat map of a specific city. I'd ideally just like to create a separate dimension for county, and then simply filter by it. If I just duplicate zip code and set the "geographic role" to be county, it doesn't change its values. Is it possible to do this?

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          Stacy Lang

          Hi Charley,

          If I'm understanding your question right, you'll actually need to add the county field to your excel file. If you have a separate zip code file that has counties attached it's easy enough to do a vlookup into your commute times file. Then you can put county on your filter shelf. But unless you bring the data in, Tableau has nothing to compare it to, you have to supply it with the geographic regions you want.


          Hope that helps,